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One on One Coaching

Make your dream of owning and operating a private practice a reality!

Over the past few years several holistic health practitioners have reached out to me with the desire to learn how to create a thriving practice.

In response to these inquiries, I’ve created a branch of a my practice called, The Business of Bodywork Consulting Sessions. These sessions focus on coaching holistic health practitioners and creating a solid foundation for a thriving practice.

If your line of work is within the holistic health care industry and you would like to explore the following:

Setting up practical systems such as, client forms, policies, ideal client checklist, scheduling systems, online presence and have them in place so you can go out there and get started with your work

Having solid mindset strategies on hand that will set you up mentally and energetically for success

Mapping out marketing strategies and follow through

Explore how creating a solid foundation for your practice will set you up for success so you can focus on what you love to do

Have me as your coach on hand to help keep you accountable for the start up tasks that lie ahead.

And more!

I invite you to join me in a complementary 30 minute discovery session to explore and focus on aligning with your intentions, desires and dreams for your practice.

Join me and take a step towards realizing your dream!

“I had no idea that our time together would help me progress so quickly forward. Now today, just 6 months after starting with Heather, I can proudly stand on my own two feet and am running a successful wellness coaching business!”
“After working with Heather for massage and bodywork and experiencing what a good listener and how encouraging she is, I was thrilled to utilize her consulting services to help get my holistic veterinary practice off the ground. Working as a medical professional for the last ten years, I had good training in how to heal my patients, but little exposure to the details of running a business. Heather helped to organize the process by giving me guidelines of things to consider before opening my practice and provided both encouragement and constructive criticism when needed. It was wonderful working with someone who had been through the process before and hearing her insights. She provided wonderful contacts to facilitate business growth and development and truly helped to accelerate the process for me.”