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Inner Compass Virtual Retreat

A 1/2 day virtual retreat for you to step away from the fray and find your way back to center.

There’s no denying that many, if not all of us, have lost our sense of center during this time of unknowns. Whether it’s because you’re living alone and unable to connect with your community, feeling scattered emotionally and physically while trying to balance full time work with homeschooling, feeling increased anxiety not knowing what’s to come and living in your head as a result, or a myriad of other scenarios causing distress; it’s easy to lose your center when pulled in so many different directions.

When we’re centered and calm we can tap into our internal guidance system to help lead the way towards clearer and healthier choices in our lives, relationships, work and beyond.

With this in mind, I’m delighted to share an opportunity for you to step away from the fray and find your way back to center.

I invite you to join me in a supportive group setting to a 1/2 day virtual retreat called:

Inner Compass: A Virtual Journey Back To Your Center

The following are details of what you can expect during this nourishing journey that’s designed to refresh your mind, heal your body and soothe your soul:

When: Next Date TBD
Time: 10am – 2pm
Location: Your dwellings via Zoom!  A link will be sent to you upon registration.

Here’s a map of our time together:
Due East: 10-11am – Opening circle & Meditation
Due South: 11-noon – Dance Meditation & Stretch
R & R Break: Noon-12:30pm – Lunch: Eating in Silence
Due West: 12:30-1pm – Introspective Journeying with a journal and a pen
Due North: 1-1:30pm – Grounding Self-Bodywork & Distance Reiki Session
Back To Center: 1:30-2pm – Closing circle and ceremony

Investment*: Sliding scale based on what you can afford: $45, $65 or $85 payment

*No one will be turned away due to a lack of funds. If you are experiencing financial challenges at this time, please contact me directly and I’ll work with you.

You can expect to walk away from this experience with a deeper connection to your inner compass and self care tools to help you along your journey.

Won’t you join me?