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A portion of the proceeds from both workshops will be donated to The Loveland Foundation that helps  communities of color, with an emphasis on Black women and girls, receive access to opportunities and healing.

The Art of Letting Go / A Virtual Myofascial Release Self-Care Workshop


Fascia embeds every tissue in our body, down to the tiniest cell. It’s considered the “tissue of consciousness” and can store old forms of physical, mental and/or emotional trauma until it’s released. Since the fascia is a system that conducts it’s way throughout the whole body, a restriction in one area can affect the tissues in another; creating unhealthy holding patterns and overall decreased mobility in the physical and energetic bodies. Fascia, in it’s healthy state, can lend itself to uninhibited, expansive, efficient and liquid-like movement.

In this online workshop, we will explore, in further detail, what fascia is; tangible ways of releasing fascial restrictions with foam rollers, therapeutic balls, stretching and therapeutic movement. The techniques that will be covered are self care tools that can be used in your everyday life to prevent injury from occurring, help enhance the bodywork you may already receive in private sessions or help you heal from chronic tension and pain patterns. Since the body/mind in intricately linked to one another, these self-care techniques can help reduce anxiety and stress that may be held in your body’s tissues. This is in alignment with the saying…”the issues are in your tissues!”

Access to one or more of the following tools is essential: Foam roller, 4″ therapy ball, tennis ball, yoga mat and pillows or yoga blocks for extra support.

Details are as follows:
Dates: Thursdays September 10, 2020 – December 17, 2020
Time: 6-7pm 
Online Location: Zoom (a link will be sent to you the day prior to the workshop)
Investment Options: Single Class – $15 / 7 Class Package – $95

Soul Soothing Yoga

This 30 minute beginning/intermediate yoga class is a simple sequence of poses to restore your body, unwind your mind and soothe your soul from an active day. 

This class is the perfect addition to The Art of Letting Go workshop.

Dates: Every Thursday from September 10, 2020 – December 17, 2020
Time: 7-7:30pm CST
Location: Zoom! _A welcome email will be sent to you the day prior to the class._
Investment Options: Single Class – $8 / 7 Class Package – $50