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Virtual Healing Sessions

Foam rollers, therapy balls, self-guided movement, certain acupressure, reflexology, self-massage techniques and stretches are all self-care tools that you can use to enhance the work you receive in session with me, as well as, help you stop pain cycles from reoccurring before your next session.

During our time together, you will have an opportunity to work one on one with me and learn how to use these tools safely and effectively. By the time the session ends, you will have an individualized self care routine to incorporate into your daily or weekly routine.

You have the option to schedule the following:

  • A 15 minute tune-up session
  • 30 minute session
  • 60 minute session

Any of these can take place in person or online via Zoom.  Please choose your option below:

Virtual Healing Session
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Distance Reiki Sessions

Everything is energy, and Reiki energy knows no time and space in order for healing to take place. This can be quite the concept to us Westerners who are newer at thinking in terms of energy. I invite you to think of an example here, the example of cell phones. You don’t have to be in the same room in order to speak to someone over the cell phone, do you? No, you don’t. This is because cell phones work with electromagnetic waves in order to connect to other cell phones.

There’s no difference when it comes to working with Reiki energy. Reiki energy connects with the energetic intelligence of your energy field, from the largest layer of your aura down to the energy of the tiniest cell in your body. The energy connects and heals from there.

A distance Reiki session is an opportunity for you to receive Reiki from wherever you are in the world. It’s a time where you can share with me, over the phone or via Zoom, what is going on in your life, body, mind and spirit. From there, I will follow distance Reiki protocol and work with your energetic essence. Intuitive body map readings and Oracle card messages may be incorporated into the session, as well as suggestions on self-care.

Distance Reiki sessions are a great support for anyone experiencing anxiety, stress or times of transition. It’s also beneficial for those healing from an injury, surgery or illness, as it helps curb some of the symptoms by balancing the nervous system so the body can heal more efficiently.

Sessions for individuals are 30 or 60 minutes in length.

Group sessions are also an option and are 60 minutes/$150 minimum.  Group sessions need to be booked by emailing Heather at or calling 312.344.3780.

You can choose your option below…

Distance Reiki Session
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Private & Small Group Virtual Yoga

Learn proper alignment with a series of postures unique to your specific needs.  

Whether you’re a seasoned yoga practitioner who would like to deepen your practice or someone just starting out in the world of yoga and would like proper instruction from the get go, these sessions are for you. Tailored to the individual who would like private instruction or for small groups of no more than 3 people learn to keep your body safe while practicing this ancient healing art form.

Styles offered: Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative 

Private or Small Group Virtual Yoga
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What People Are Saying About Virtual Healing...

“A wonderful way to tune into your body and learn ways give yourself some love and care. I have found it very therapeutic and restorative especially after a hard day gardening.” ~Julianne R.

“I loved working with Heather! Her style was very calming. I thought she had a soothing voice and taught helpful techniques that helped replenish my body.” ~Rachel M.

“I am a business owner and fitness instructor and have very long, physical days. Most of the time my own self care feels like a chore, but the myofascial release workshops online were perfect for me. I could finish a long, 12 hour, physical day of work, turn on my computer and follow Heather’s instruction with ease. It was a truly relaxing and helpful experience.” ~Kira M.

“Heather is not only a talented and inspiring healer on all levels, she is a beautiful mentor and teacher dedicated to helping people feel and live better — and to keep learning and mastering how to treat our bodies and spirits!” ~M. Markle

“Clare and I really enjoyed the time with you. You are so competent and your voice is so clear in your directions. And you are so calm and reassuring with all your recommendations and adaptations. We both felt so good afterwards and I slept so well.” ~Cathy S.