A woman with white skin wearing a grey sports bra and yoga pants is laying face up on a massage table with left outstretched and being held by the hands of a female therapist wearing black pants, white and teal tank top and light brown, circular shaped sidewalk stones in the background.

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Reflexology & Reiki


Reflexology is a system of thumb and finger techniques that stimulate the nerve endings located on the feet and hands that correspond to all of the systems in the body. This nerve stimulation sends messages to the brain to relax the corresponding body part. This results in the interruption of stress so the body has an opportunity to release toxic build up and return to balance. Reflexology is also a form of treatment that can indirectly work with areas of the body that may be experiencing acute injury and cannot receive direct contact.

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Reiki is a gentle healing technique that originated in Japan during the 19th century and was founded by Dr. Mikao Usui.

“Rei” translates to “universal” and “ki” means “energy” or “life force energy.” When these two words are combined to create the word “Reiki” it ends up translating to “universal life energy.”

Reiki practitioners are attuned to this universal life energy and channel the energy through their hands into the recipient’s body. This technique helps reduce stress, promotes deep relaxation and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit by balancing the subtle energetic pathways in the body.

These subtle pathways are called Chakras and while some belief systems believe that there are several chakras located on the sublte body, there are seven major chakras located on the midline that are focused on in Reiki. When the chakras are in balance, it enhances the body’s ability to heal and restore itself, while increasing one’s sense of well-being.

Reflexology and Reiki treatments are 15, 30 or 60 minutes in length.