Covid Safety & Sanitization Protocols

It’s my hope that this email continues to find you and your loved ones well.

Thank you so much for your continued messages of care, your willingness to work together in virtual sessions and workshops, your support, patience and understanding during this time.

The following are the safety measures that will be put into place for in person bodywork sessions.  In the meantime, all virtual sessions and workshops will continue to be offered during this transition and beyond for those of you who may need more time to feel comfortable returning to in person treatments, or who live out of the state of Illinois.

Please read ALL of the following as it’s important information that pertains to upcoming sessions:

In person sessions will resume Sunday, June 7th and will be limited to the following morning and daytime hours:

Mondays through Wednesdays 10 – 6pm and Saturdays 9 – 3pm

I plan on working with healthy clients only by practicing the following:

– Immediately washing my hands upon entering Elemental Health.
– Frequently and thoroughly disinfecting the treatment room, all common areas, doorhandles, light switches and any other high contact objects and surfaces pre/post session.  This will be done with a CDC disinfectant and a UV light.
– As always, supply freshly laundered sheets – please note disposable face cradle covers will be used instead of cloth ones.
– I’ll be wearing a fresh N95 face mask upon greeting you at the door, during and post session – although you won’t be able to see me smile, I hope you’ll be able to see it in my eyes as I’m looking forward to seeing you and will be smiling at you!  During the session when I’m working with you torso up, I’ll also be donning a face shield for extra protection.
– I’ll be thoroughly washing my hands and forearms (like I always do) before and after each session.
– I’ll be taking my temperature daily. If I am feeling under the weather, I’ll call to reschedule your session.
– I’ll continue taking great care of my own health by getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, keeping up with my supplements, getting exercise, breathing exercises and eating healthy foods.

There will also be new requirements for every patron of Elemental Health, including you, and they are as follows:

If you are traveling outside the state of Illinois, you have the option to either quarantine for 10 days along with taking a covid test within 5-7 days after your return to Chicago that proves negative OR you can quarantine yourself for 14 days after you return and if you show no signs or symptoms of covid then you’re welcome to come in for a session. 
-You will receive a confirmation email the day prior to your session where I’ll ask you a few pre-screening questions.  If you answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, your appointment will be rescheduled (at no charge) for a later date once you’re feeling better.
-Sign a Covid-19 release form before your session.
-Participate in pre-session health screenings, and mine will include no contact temperature taking.
– The waiting room seating will not be available until further notice. Please make other arrangements if you have someone accompanying you to your session.
– To avoid traffic in the common areas, please send me a text to 312.344.3780 to let me know you arrived, and I’ll let you know when I’m able to receive you.
– Upon arrival, you’ll be required to wear a face mask.  If you do not have one, I’ll give you a disposable surgical mask before entering the facility.
– Upon arrival, you’ll need to either wash your hands with soap and water or hand sanitizer before we go back to the treatment room.
– Before, after and during the session you’ll be required to wear a face mask.

**The following are a few other things to consider:**

HEPA Grade Air Filter:

– The treatment room will have a HEPA Grade Air Filter in it and operating before, after and throughout the entire session.

Session Time:

-Only 30, 60 and 90 minute sessions are available for in person treatments.  120 minute sessions are on pause until further notice.

– My online calendar has the option for you to schedule in a 30, 60 or 90 minute in-person treatment, as well as, all remote treatments.

-There is more flexibility for remote sessions, so if you don’t see a time in my online calendar that works for you, please email at or call me at 312.344.3780 to set up another time that’s not available online.

– If you are sick, contact me to cancel your session. There will be no penalties for any late cancellations due to feeling under the weather.  If I am under the weather, I will contact you to cancel our session and reschedule once I’m feeling better.

Traveling: .

-To ensure everyone’s safety, if you’re returning from a Covid hotspot that is on Chicago’s quarantine list, you can either take a covid test within 5-7 days after your return to Chicago that proves negative along with a 10 day quarantine OR you can quarantine yourself for 14 days after your return and show no signs or symptoms of covid before coming in for your session.

Also, if you choose the first option, I need to have a copy of the negative test results for my records to keep in your file.

– If you have an active package, you’ll have a full year from the day of your first scheduled session to redeem it. Packages may also be used for virtual sessions.

-If you are on a package or have a gift card for 90 or 120 minutes, you can utilize them towards a 30 or 60 minute session with the remaining time to be used at a later date.

Questions or Concerns
– As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. My in person work may be temporarily closed, but I’ve not disappeared and I’m still here for you.

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