Reflexology 101

Reflexology 101

Recently many people have asked what Reflexology is and what the benefits are of it. If these are questions that cross your mind, below you will find some basic information to help provide answers.

The Feet and Their Function – There is more to the feet than meets the eye. Within the feet (and hands) reside nerve endings that correspond to every part of our body. These nerve endings correspond to the muscular, skeletal, digestive, endocrine, nervous, circulatory, respiratory, urinary, reproductive, lymphatic and sensory systems. When the nerve endings are pressed upon and stimulated, they send messages to the brain signaling to release stress and toxins from that particular body part.

In the distant past, human beings used to walk around on rough surfaces barefoot. As a result, the nerve endings in the feet were constantly stimulated releasing stress and toxins. Today we are accustomed to walking on flat surfaces with protective shoes and as a result tension and toxins build up in the feet and are not released on a daily basis. When this build up occurs in the body, tension and dis-ease arise and this is where Reflexology comes into play.

What is Reflexology? – Reflexology is a system of thumb and finger techniques that stimulate the nerve endings located on the feet and hands. As stated above, this nerve stimulation sends messages to the brain to relax the corresponding body part. This results in the interruption of stress so the body has an opportunity to release toxic build up and return to balance. This is a form of treatment that can prevent and correct ill health in the body. Reflexology is also a wonderful form of treatment that can indirectly work with areas of the body that may be experiencing acute injury and cannot receive direct contact.

Benefits of Reflexology –
• Reduces Stress and Tension
• Reduces Pain and General Discomfort
• Increases a Sense of Well-being and Harmony
• Creates Organ Balance
• Improves Circulation
• Releases Wastes and Toxins from Cells in the Body
• Relaxes the Body by Releasing Endorphins
• Creates Balance and Harmony among Body Systems

Photo by Andrew Stamm

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