25 hour Breath Coach Training Certificate from The Whole Health Project awarded to Heather Fraelick. Certificate signed by Rachel Fearnley and Lucy Foster-Perkins

New Offering: Breathwork Coaching

It’s no secret to those of you who I’ve worked with over the years that I’m on a healing journey right alongside you. Although I’ve taken years to study certain modalities that I’ve personally found beneficial in my own healing, I’m still constantly learning and discovering what my body needs in order to flourish, especially when the unexpected challenges occur with regards to my health.

As a healing practitioner, I see these occasional challenges as initiations into deeper understanding of what true healing is, and I work with my body in a science-like, experimental way in order to play with different healing hypothesis that are pertinent to the health issue at hand.

That being said, the past few years have proven to be the most intense healing initiation I’ve experienced to date, and what I’ve found (up to this point in time) is that when the going gets tough a need to breathe is essential.

Not only breathe, but breathe properly sans dysfunction.

You see, there were times when I found myself in situations where I wasn’t able to access my self-care tools based on Myofascial Release, Yoga and Tai Chi.

What to do when the body goes into panic in the midst of a meeting with a doctor or sitting in the waiting room of a doctor’s office before a procedure when one can’t just lay on the floor and start rolling on a therapy ball or drop down into a yin yoga posture?

What I found to be true is that breathing was the gateway to transformation during these times.

What I also found is that while the breath is accessible at any time, and without breath there is no life, there are issues that can arise when the breath is operating with an underlying breathing dysfunction.

You see, many of us are walking around utilizing only 10% of our breathing capacity, and breathing in a dysfunctional way can actually create ailments in the body!

So, in usual Heather-style fashion, I dove into the hypothesis and asked myself, “Can I help my body heal through my breath?”

To that end, I took the basic knowledge and breathwork experience acquired during my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training and started testing out my inquiry.

Along the way I started to realize that I needed more information and guidance, so I followed the call to complete a 25 hour Breath Coach Training, which as you can see I recently completed; and am in the midst of completing a trauma informed approach to this work.

The techniques I’ve learned thus far, and have practiced over the past 8 months, have led me to feel better when incorporating these techniques throughout my day to day experience.
I’m especially noticing a profound level of healing when breathwork is combined with John Barnes Myofascial Release Approach (JFB MFR) that I practice in one on one sessions, and for self-care healing.

For example, when releasing the diaphragm muscle (the primary muscle used in respiration, yet is HIGHLY underutilized in many of us humans) with JFB MFR, then training the body to further stretch and strengthen the diaphragm with diaphragmatic breathwork techniques, the capacity to breathe more fully is enhanced.

All of this to say, I’m continuing to self-explore the healing effects of breathwork, as well as incorporate them into sessions with you when appropriate to do so; and again in Heather-style fashion, I’m also dreaming up some group based workshops and look forward to sharing more details when the time comes.

For now, check out the course outline of 3 FREE classes I’ll be offering in the near future (official dates coming soon!). This outline can be found on the Workshops & Healing Circles tab.

In the meantime, I’m offering 50% off one on one breathwork coaching sessions and packages between now through the end of May. So feel free to ask about these sessions to help correct dysfunctional patterns and enhance your breathing capacity by replying to this email.

Until then, official dates on workshops will be revealed soon…stay tuned!

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