Fascia & Wellness

Welcome to Fluidify Fascia & Wellness, a self-care hub for the body, mind and soul.

Each course in Fluidify Fascia & Wellness is designed to guide you to establish a deeper connection with your body, while teaching you tools to help release stress and tension from your tissues. These body-centered tools are based off of energy healing, myofascial release, craniosacral therapy, reflexology, acupressure, improvisational dance, yoga and meditation.

You will have the option to learn from the self-guided, pre-recorded course content, in one on one virtual sessions, and starting in 2022, group coaching sessions.

Courses Offered Through Fluidify Fascia & Wellness

The Fluid Start

Get out of your head and back into your body!

The Fluid Fascia

Liquify your fascia to its natural fluid state in this virtual myofascial release self-care series.

Slough Off Stress

Exfoliate your energy to rid yourself of stress and tension.

“MFR work is so unique and Heather is extremely talented! I am so lucky to have been reconnected to Heather in this virtual world when we need this work more than ever. The series has been a true gift.”


“I absolutely loved and looked forward to Heather’s Myofascial Release series. I always looked forward to having that “me” time, and the fact that it was weekly really got me in the habit of self-care as self preservation rather than just when I NEED it. She’s a great teacher and I use what she taught me outside of class all the time. As long as you have a foam roller and/or a ball, these are skills you can take with you for a lifetime.”

~Kira M.

“Wonderful workshops. I was surprised how effective the techniques were and Heather was an inspirational teacher.”

~Vicky L.