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Colds & Flu: When in doubt, don’t…

Whether we Chicagoans like it or not, it’s starting to get cold outside! And what happens when the weather turns? You guessed it, colds and the flu!

“What do I do when I’m starting to not feel well?” “What do I do about my session if I’m sick?”

These two questions are usually at the forefront this time of year at my practice. And the following is a general rule of thumb that I share with clients:

When in doubt, don’t!

If you’re starting to feel under the weather or in the midst of a full blown cold or flu, cancel your session and reschedule it. “Why?” you ask. Your body’s immune system is already working hard to bring you back into a state of good health, now if you add a myofascial release or deep tissue massage session on top of that, your body is now going to be working double time to release toxins through the lymphatic system, increase circulation through the cardiovascular system and release tension or hold holding patterns through the fascial, muscular and skeletal systems. How is this double time action going to make you feel?

10x worse than you’re already feeling!

So do yourself a favor and stay home, rest up and reschedule your session. You’ll be able to enjoy your session so much more when you’re not trying to stop a runny nose from leaking all over the floor when you’re lying face down and the after effects will be much more enjoyable to experience.

Not to mention…

When you come in for your session with a cold or flu, you also run the risk of getting me, your therapist, sick as well as fellow clients. Everyone, especially including you, will benefit when you stay home and rest up in order to get well.

So do yourself and all of us a favor…

Call and reschedule your session*. You’ll be so happy that you did!

*Please keep in mind my practice’s 24 hour cancellation policy. Everyone receives a 1st time freebee session if a cancellation takes place in less than 24 hours notice. A full charge for the session goes into effect if a 2nd time occurs or there after. As I am human, possible exceptions may be made on a case by case basis if illness comes across your path this fall/winter.



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