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"Always a wonderful experience: welcoming and professional. Even with the extra COVID precautions there was no loss of welcoming energy. I felt completely assured and safe by how they handled everything, from greeting me with a mask, providing a surgical mask to wear and even sanitizing the pen I used to sign with."

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“Heather is a deeply knowledgeable and caring healer. She creates a safe space where even massage beginners can feel comfortable. I’ve had wonderful results from her treatments and always leave feeling relaxed, nourished and better equipped to return to my busy life. I highly recommend Heather’s work to feel more at home in your body, find peace of mind and lighten your spirit.”

“I’ve been working with Heather for help with muscle tension and relaxation over the past 3 months and have noticed a huge improvement.  Heather’s massages are deep and geared toward getting specific results.  But at the same time she succeeds at being gentle when needed, relying on a combination of her knowledge and her intuition to guide her.  In my experience with massage therapists, I have found it hard to come by a practitioner who is both knowledgeable and intuitive, who uses deep pressure into the muscles, but doesn’t rely solely on her physical strength to make progress.  The result is a balanced, total body experience that leaves you feeling satisfied, but wanting more!  I am also a chiropractor, and find that Heather’s massages work well in conjunction with regular chiropractic care.  I happily recommend my patients to go see Heather in addition to the work we do in my office.”

“I am a professional dancer who depends on massage work to keep my body in balance. I have been seeing Heather for over 10 years and her work has helped my body to let go of tension, remove knots and recover from injuries. Her intuitive nature gets to the essence of what my body needs, even if I’m not aware of it.  She is also a leading therapist because of her ongoing education in and professional development within the field of body work. Because of her work, my body feels great in face of the stressful demands I put on it everyday.”

“Heather is a fantastic massage therapist who brings a sense of deep relaxation with her touch as well as knows how to work with specific problem areas to provide pain relief. I highly recommend her!”

“Heather is a compassionate healer who takes the time to listen and intuitively addresses your needs. She is gentle in her approach to body work and genuinely cares for your well-being. Heather creates an inviting and soothing environment that allows for relaxation and peace. The result of Heather’s approach to healing is a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation. Enjoy!”

“What else can I say but amazing.  I started going to see Heather a little over a year ago.  Went in initially for lower back pain which she took care of quickly, now I routinely go back for normal wear and tear touch ups but the relaxing nature as well.  I’ve never had a bad experience in the numerous massages that I’ve received from Heather and I will continue to see her.  She’s very knowledgeable about her professional, the human body, and how all work together.  She always makes me feel comfortable as well as my wife whom is seeing her from time to time, and most of all she’s very accomodating.”

"I see Heather once or twice a month and believe she is definitely one of the best massage therapists in Chicago. She is very professional and always listens to my concerns and focuses on the areas where I need it. Her office is very comfortable and I always feel right at ease when I visit.The great thing about Heather is that she seems to be able to “read your body” and know where the tension lies. She can also adjust her pressure accordingly and apply deep pressure when you need it or ask (it hurts so good!) or provide a more relaxing massage. I have also had a couple reflexology sessions with her which are so awesome and provide a great sense of well-being. Also, her hours rock – she is available after 6:00pm at least a couple days a week and is also amazing regardless of whether you’re the first appointment or the last appointment! One thing I would note though is I often need to schedule at least two weeks in advance to get a time that works for me.”

“Heather has been a wonderful guide to getting my nutrition and wellness coaching business started. I still remember our first session together in which she walked me through describing my “ideal client”. I had no idea that our time together would help me progress so quickly forward. Now today, just 6 months after starting with Heather, I can proudly stand on my own two feet and am running a successful wellness coaching business! I am truly grateful for Heather’s continued guidance and support.”

“After working with Heather for massage and bodywork and experiencing what a good listener and how encouraging she is, I was thrilled to utilize her consulting services to help get my holistic veterinary practice off the ground. Working as a medical professional for the last ten years, I had good training in how to heal my patients, but little exposure to the details of running a business. Heather helped to organize the process by giving me guidelines of things to consider before opening my practice and provided both encouragement and constructive criticism when needed. It was wonderful working with someone who had been through the process before and hearing her insights. She provided wonderful contacts to facilitate business growth and development and truly helped to accelerate the process for me.”