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In this episode, we de-mystify the world of bodywork, healing and self-care. This is a great episode for newcomers and seasoned clients or practitioners alike.

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“When you’re connected with yourself, I don’t think anything can really stop you.” and “How are you dancing through your day?”  Are two main themes that Dorothee Sophie Royal (creator of #MoonWisepodcast) and Heather talk about.  Amongst other topics, such as, how to befriend your body, the importance of touch, dealing with pain and more. ⁣

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“In this podcast, Heather shares her many gifts: the main one being herself! She is joy, as the meaning of her last name describes, and reminds us all that we are human in process. She discusses her dance career has been an essential part of her life and offerings, being human and feeling, the myth that we are “healed” or “zen” at some point, saying “No” and having healthy boundaries, and how the body talks to us.”

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“I didn’t start my career thinking that I was going into the world of the healing arts. I actually started out as…”

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“The support a message that taking care of yourself is not selfish but essential to live a good, quality life and I agree. We’re so focused on success and material things that we don’t always stop and take a second for ourselves. Some of us are too driven and run on stress, this is me.”

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“Heather Fraelick, LMT, will provide Mini-Massage sessions and lead a group Stretching & Self-Care Techniques & Essential Oils group sessions.”

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“Massage is a very healing thing you can do for yourself with some simple techniques at home.” – Heather Fraelick, LMT

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“Among other things, good posture means proper organ alignment,” which means proper organ function, Fraelick said, “and it prevents muscular compensation and pain patterns that can lead to more serious health issues.”

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“When I start a massage by working on the client’s feet, I often hear things like, ‘Wow, I can relax now.’” – Heather Fraelick, LMT